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The FAST-Infra Label is a credible, consistent, and globally applicable labelling system designed to identify and evaluate sustainable infrastructure projects, with the overarching objective of supporting infrastructure and creating a liquid asset class.

The FAST-Infra Sustainable Infrastructure® (FAST-Infra) Label will

Define and measure sustainability contribution and credentials.
Increase market trust and confidence around the sustainability of infrastructure assets.
Inform investment decision-making and attract private investment into infrastructure.
Encourage new financial product development (e.g. sustainable infrastructure funds and platforms).
Enable the development of a secondary financial market (e.g. indices, bonds, securitization).
Support alignment with regulatory compliance and disclosure initiatives (e.g. EU Taxonomy, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

The FAST-Infra Label is based on a comprehensive and evolving framework, ensuring data transparency at all stages.

Application of the FAST-Infra Label enables comparability of metrics across sustainable infrastructure assets. It informs developers of best practices and streamlines their ability to get an initial review before financing a sustainable infrastructure project. It is a one-stop solution for sustainability labelling.

The FAST-Infra Label establishes cohesion that builds on, and complements, other standards and guidelines in the market.

A key motivation behind the FAST-Infra Label is not to reinvent the wheel, but rather build on existing standards, frameworks, and taxonomies to create a comprehensive framework and set of sustainability criteria that takes into account best practices and evolves with changes in the market. This was done as a result of an extensive mapping against 25+ leading standards, frameworks, and principles in the market.
The FAST-Infra Sustainable Infrastructure Framework sets out requirements and guidance for market participants seeking to apply the FAST-Infra Label for infrastructure assets.

The FAST-Infra framework is based on four ‘dimensions’ of sustainability:




Infrastructure assets that can be certified under the FAST-Infra Label will include:

Renewable Energy projects

Clean Transport

Data Infrastructure

Electricity Transmission & Distribution networks

Green Buildings & Social Infrastructure

Water assets

Wastewater & Sanitation assets

Nature-based Solutions

And more to come

Credibility of the FISI Label is endorsed by leading organisations with a wealth of experience in the sustainable infrastructure sector.

FAST Initiative is born out of a collaboration between HSBC, the OECD, the IFC, the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) and the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), under the auspices of the One Planet Summit. Over time, it has grown into a broad and inclusive public-private partnership.
Supported by more than 80 public and private institutions, FAST-Infra aims to close the current investment gap in sustainable infrastructure. Its strategy revolves around three complementary axes:

Sustainable Infrastructure Label

Certifying the sustainability of infrastructure projects.

FAST-Infra Platform

Increasing the volume of bankable / financeable projects.

FAST-Infra Beyond

Accelerate innovation in the field of sustainable infrastructure.
FAST-Infra is now incorporated as FAST-Infra Group (FIG), a multi-stakeholder non-profit association under French law.

The FAST Infra Group has designated Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB) as the Secretariat and Bloomberg L.P. as Data Repository for the FISI Label. The governance structure is inspired by Green Bond Principles.

GIB is a Swiss foundation based in Basel, working to accelerate a mainstream transition to sustainability and resilience in infrastructure around the world. GIB has core competencies in setting standards for sustainable and resilient infrastructure. GIB is refining and maintaining the FISI Label framework and criteria, enabling alignment with existing standards and initiatives, and engaging market participants in a robust and transparent governance process. GIB brings independent, credible capabilities in standard-setting, capacity development and technical assistance, and infrastructure sustainability space.
Bloomberg L.P. is a global leader in business and financial information, delivering trusted data, news, and insights that bring transparency, efficiency, and fairness to markets. Bloomberg will establish and maintain a technical platform to disclose, report, and measure information about the labelled projects. Bloomberg brings its over 40-year history of transparency, ESG data access, and data management with a focus on sustainability.